How Climate Change Is Affected by Plastic Waste and What We Can Do

How plastic waste affects climate and what is the alternative? The future of the planet is in jeopardy. According to a report on the full life cycle of global plastic production, the long-term environmental results are appalling. The Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL) concludes that plastic production will become a major driver of climate […]

Do We Really Know What Plastic Is?

Plastic is a part of our everyday lives. Our water comes in plastic bottles, our tools, our houses, and our clothes are made out of plastic; even toothpaste contains microplastics. In today’s society, it can be a real challenge to go even a day without using any plastic. Nevertheless, we still don’t have a clear […]

The vast patch of garbage floating in the Pacific Ocean is far worse than previously thought

The Ocean Cleanup, a foundation based in The Netherlands that is dedicated to developing advanced technology to extract plastic pollution from the oceans and has presented today the first results from their air expedition over the Great Pacific garbage patch, the plastic debris accumulation area located between Hawaii and California. Using a modified C-130 “Hercules” […]

Child Slavery In Ghana’s Fishing Industry

The prevalence of child slavery in Ghana’s fishing industry  Worldwide, a total of 160 million children aged 5 to 17 are in child labour: almost a tenth of all the children in the world. 79 million children are doing hazardous work that directly endangers their health. Between 2000 and 2016 child labour figures had been […]

How plastic pollution in our oceans is ending up on your plate

The chronic detrimental effects of plastic pollution in the ocean and how dangerous it is to both the marine ecosystem and human beings. What can we do? Plastic use in the last 50 years has led to a build-up of synthetic plastic in the ocean. Smaller particles, up to 5mm in size, are considered microplastics: […]